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Ankrom Moisan was engaged by a developer to study a site along the Seattle waterfront as part of impending sale. Responding to the changes coming as the Viaduct is removed, the team developed a concept that honored the Viaduct's place in Seattle's history while making the most of the new views available along Elliott Bay. 

Site Context:
Memory of the Viaduct

Originating from the Seattle waterfront’s industrial past and fulfilling the need for a North-South route for automobiles, the Alaskan Way Viaduct has stood as a fixture in Seattle’s skyline since the 1950s. Utilitarian in nature and design, the structure is a stark contradiction to the beauty of its surroundings.

Now, as Bertha inches along her path, Seattleites have envisioned infinite possibilities for the waterfront, from repurposing the entire Viaduct as a pedestrian pathway to preserving it only as a memory. At 1101 Westlake, the opportunity to capture the Viaduct’s unique vantage point while creating a new experience along the waterfront emerges.

Once touted as a scenic drive that would be popular with tourists, the Viaduct’s elevated view now inspires a multi-layered experience within a uniquely-Seattle waterfront icon.


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