Based in Seattle, Washington, Cate is a marketing professional with expertise in strategy and content development. Her posts include writing samples from her work within architecture, general contracting, and commercial real estate.

The Collective

The Society is a hospitality design collective launched in 2016. The unique brand voice communicates high design with an irreverent twist. This proposal excerpt introduces a new client to The Society's capabilities, services, and personality.

The Society believes in the power of numbers and hoards unconventional tools that others mistake as superfluous.  We bring the A-team from day one—they don’t just show  
up in proposals.

Branding & Identity: Walking arm-in-arm with our interior designers, architects, and clients, we lay the foundation for  the entire design process word by word: place, customer, experience, story. Our anthem is “Stand by Your Brand,” and we deliver a final product that is cohesive from the inside out.

Visualization: Imaginations are known for running wild. This is great for the creative process, but not ideal when you’re talking dollars and cents. We have the tools and the talent to convert concepts and carpet samples into captivating images that allow imaginations of all shapes and sizes to experience unbuilt architecture.  From lifelike, high-resolution renderings to full blown virtual reality walk-throughs, we have the tools to bring vision to life.

FF&E: The devil is in the details, but trying to coordinate them shouldn’t be an unholy experience. Some have called  our congruent, well-planned, and thoroughly-executed FF&E process transcendent, but we are simply well-versed vessels of products and specifications. 
R&D / Demographic Specialists: We’re not afraid to nerd out for your benefit—our designs are deeply rooted in research and applied learning. Demographic and market-based research is inherent to the success of our designs,  and for that reason we don our pocket protectors and begin every project with in depth research that ensures the project meets every need of its guests.

Industrial Design: Industrial designers get to play by different rules. They focus on the object, not the space. They aren’t constrained by codes and regulations. They get their hands dirty to bring ideas to life. We turn to our industrial designers to start the design process without constraints, implement creative problem-solving techniques, and execute like Beyoncé: flawless.


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